Poe's Law is a helluva thing.

It sure is.

Hello! I love your work! I was wondering, if you had a little time and felt like having a little fun, if maybe you'd make a quick little pic of Marker pony being licked out by the MLPG marker... you know, the 2D paper mascot guy? Some facesitting might be kinda cute... is that an alright request? Either way, you're awesome, girl! Have a rockin' rest of Oct 1st!

Is this some kind of sick joke? I mean really? Are you joking? I can’t tell.

om nom nom

om nom nom

Hey it's me again. Not too big a deal but the thing is the krusty crew at FN@F likely isn't possessed by the spirits of dead children. It's really just a bunch of circumstantial evidence (Along with a pinch of stretching said evidence) that more or less shrugs at that conclusion. Not that I'm trying to advise you of drawing porn, however. I would suggest against it, as it'd likely create a lot of drama; and there's enough already with that one guy. I just wanna set the record straight.

THat is the real reason I’m not doing it for real reals. I know they aren’t possessed by children. That would be dumb. The crew just KILLED children. That’s all.

Pretty great~

You better not actually be gone from /fn@fg/, nerd. Ignore the shitposter, ur 2 cool 4 skool


Yeah, it’s easier said then done. Trying to have fun and being called a whore or slut every time I turn my head doesn’t add up. Infact it just breaks me down worst. Especially on bad days. I posted because it was fun and being creative with /fn@fg/ was super fun.  But if my being there and posting shits up the thread because one persistent asswipe then I don’t want to. It’s just gonna eat away and ruin everyone else’s fun. Especially if I get warned for reporting the jerk.

I’ll just draw and post here. I guess. He wins. I don’t care anymore. I’m lower than the dirt we walk upon now.

please please do NOT draw porn of FNaF. the animatronics are canonically possessed by children and to draw porn of that is borderline pedophilia...

Whelp I guess that settles it. No lewd for FNaF

Nigga I am working on procuring that money as we speak but there better be some adoralewds or I'll be heartbroken.

I dunno if I should draw lewds of Five nights at freddy’s

I will buy you a goddamn game on Steam or give you one of my shitty 5~dollar CSGO guns but I am begging you to do more Chica/Bonnie with Guardsman cute shit. MAYBE EVEN LEWD CUTE SHIT, I DON'T KNOW OR DON'T CARE AT THIS POINT, PLEASE.

Sure. Do it, I’ll even play it on a stream and flip my shit. I don’t care…This game scares my heart to the point of bursting out my chest, but hey, more content~